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Carpet and Flooring Fitting

At Bradbury Flooring we project manage every installation in-house. Our skilled fitters have extensive experience in installing flooring solutions and welcome the challenge involved in every job.

To get an idea of the types of projects we’ve completed, please have a look at some of our case studies. From ‘installing’ a flooring solution on a ceiling at the National Space Centre, to completely relaying a subfloor and installing the flooring for a retail park unit for Thomsons showroom… we’ve done it.

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Types of Sub Floor and Sub Floor Preparation

Before any type of floor covering is installed the sub floor must be carefully prepared first. There are different types of sub floor and each one requires different methods of preparation. Bradbury Flooring will carefully survey the sub floor of your project and ensure that the correct preparation is carried out to give you an excellent finish to your chosen floor coverings. Below are a few basic types of sub floor and the types of preparation involved

Removal of old floor coverings

Where an old floor covering needs to be removed we will assess what method will be most effective in removing it. Some floor coverings such as carpet tiles, and traditionally fitted carpet, can be easily removed by hand. Other floor coverings such as vinyl, marmoleum and fully bonded carpet can be more stubborn and we will use mechanical floor stripper to remove these. All old floor coverings will be removed from site for disposal or where possible sent for recycling.

Timber sub floors

When dealing with a timber sub floor such as floor boards we need to ensure that there is a smooth surface for the new floor coverings, especially where a floor covering such as vinyl is being installed.  An underlayment of 6mm flooring grade plywood is affixed to the timber sub floor with divergent staples and all the joints are receive fine finish mortar to create a smooth surface for the new floor covering.

Concrete Sub floors

Concrete sub floors will be carefully tested with hand held Protimeters or hygrometers to measure the moisture content of the concrete to ensure that it is sufficiently dry to receive floor coverings. To prepare the concrete sub floor it will be carefully swept and vacuum clean before priming and applying a minimum 3mm layer of smoothing compound.

Anhydrite Sub Floors

Anhydrite sub floors are gypsum based and are being used more and more in new construction as it fast to install and cures sufficiently to be able to be walked on very quickly. The installer should remove the surface laitance once it has initially cured to allow the anhydrite to fully cure. If it is not removed it is unlikely to cure sufficiently to allow new floor coverings to be installed and will have to be removed by mechanically grinding the surface. The installer, once they have removed the laitance from the surface will confirm to the flooring contractor when the sub floor is sufficiently dry to receive floor coverings. Much like concrete sub floors a smoothing compound needs to be applied prior to installing the floor coverings. As anhydrite floors are gypsum based specific primers and smoothing compounds need to be used and the Contracts Manager will recommend the most suitable products.

Damp Proof Membranes

With concrete sub floors and anhydrite sub floors there are occasions where the moisture content of the sub floor is too high for the installation of floor coverings. In these cases a damp proof membrane or moisture suppressant can be applied to the surface of the sub floor to prevent the evaporating moisture content from causing the new floor coverings to fail. During the survey of the sub floor Bradbury Flooring’s Contract Managers will test the sub floor to ensure that the floor is sufficiently dry before the floor coverings are installed and if they find that the moisture content is too high they will recommend a suitable damp proof membrane or moisture suppressant to ensure your project is complete on time.

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If you’d like to find out more about our fitting service, please give us a call. We’d be delighted to talk your requirements through in more detail with you.

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