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Estimating Service

Estimating Service

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At Bradbury Flooring we’ve been installing flooring solutions for over fifty years. We therefore know how important it is to survey a site, measure it, and provide as accurate an estimate for the project as is possible.

Every installation presents its challenges. But with our extensive experience we are able to look to assess the cost of each challenge long in advance of the project starting. We are then able to agree a project time scale with you, as well as a budget.

With the long standing relationships that we have built up with quality flooring brands, we can offer you a fabulous selection of patterns, finishes, colours and designs to choose from. So you can be assured of a professional flooring solution in every respect.

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If you’d like an estimate for either a commercial flooring project or a residential project, please give us a call. We’d be delighted to talk your requirements through in more detail with you.

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