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Ericsson Head Office Refurbishment

Ericsson Head Office Refurbishment


Working on the main building site and liaising with other trades

Completing works to a tight timescale

Ensuring delivery and safe storage/distribution throughout the site


We were successful with our tender to carry out the flooring installation and prior to commencing work on site our Contracts Manager met with the foreman on site to survey the areas and agree work schedules, deliveries, and storage of materials.

We arranged to have the materials delivered to site and our team of fitters were there to take delivery and ensure they were safely stored on site. Being a finishing trade this meant liaising with the other trades on site to ensure that all other works had been completed prior to works commencing on the floor. Working closely with the site foreman we were given large areas to begin working on the installation which meant that we were able to complete the installation within the tight timescale set by the main contractor. Where vinyl was to be installed we smoothed the existing sub floor with Ardex Arditex RS Plus smoothing compound to ensure that we had a perfectly smooth surface and guarantee a perfect finish.

Particular care was taken with the installation of the Junkers Harmony solid oak flooring to ensure that site conditions were perfect. The sub floor and air humidity were checked regularly prior to installation and only when they had reached acceptable levels was the installation undertaken.

The staircase presented an unusual challenge as it was a prefabricated steel staircase with each tread being a metal well to receive the carpet tiles. However, this presented an issue with the installation of an aluminium nosing, which was originally specified.  The tread would have to be built up where the nosing was to be installed to provide adequate fixing and would cloak the exterior face of the steel tread. This was pointed out to the client and they decided that they would prefer to maintain the look the tread wells without having to cloak the front with a nosing. This presented a challenge, as in commercial situations a nosing should be fitted to all treads not only to protect the edge of the floor covering but also to assist people with visual impairment the nosing would have a contrasting coloured insert on the nosing. We presented the client with a solution to this problem by recommending that a contrasting coloured carpet tile was cut and fitted in such a way so as to provide the contrast required and appear as a nosing while retaining the look for the steel tread itself. The client approved this proposal and was very happy with the overall look achieved.   The works were completed on time and within budget and the client was thrilled with the finished works.

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