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Thomsons Showroom Flooring

Project Challenges

A new subfloor was in place with a pitted, screed surface.

A key expansion/movement joint was cutting across the length of the store.

There were high moisture readings in the screed.

Work was to be carried out during winter.

The Bradbury Flooring Solution

The first thing we did, as always, was smile; we like a challenge. The new subfloor was far from smooth – one of our team likened it to a lunar surface – and this was the first issue to be tackled.

By more than doubling the quantity of Laybond Screedmaster 2 Ultimate one would normally use, we ensured that the surface was left smooth and crater-free. A single coat of Laybond One Coat Damp-proof Membrane was then applied. However, because we were working during winter and there was little heat in the building, curing time was a concern. We therefore added an accelerator to speed up the process. And that, coupled with the quality of Laybond products, achieved the necessary cure. We were then able to add a second and final 3mm coat of smoothing compound and the floor was ready to receive coverings.

We next turned our attention to the expansion joint. The movement it would elicit needed to be mitigated. The materials surrounding it, therefore, needed to be protected. Our solution was to cut through the freshly laid damp-proof membrane and smoothing cement and install a Gradus expansion profile. This would accommodate any future movement, whilst protecting the floorcoverings. Things were now beginning to shape up. It was time to move onto the visible flooring part of the project.

The unit was to have clearly defined areas, including an entrance area, a brochure area, a standing area for the Foreign Exchange Bureau, and a kids’ play area. It was decided that different flooring designs would be an ideal way to achieve this.

A feature was made of multi-coloured carpet tiles, using Westbond plain tiles on one side, with Tessera carpet tiles curving to meet them on the other. A Gradus aluminium profile was used as a separator and was kept flush with the carpet. Two circular areas were then included for the brochure and foreign exchange areas, using luxury vinyl tiles from Amtico. Forbo’s Coral Duo was chosen for the entrance matting. And the kids’ play area was defined using Forbo’s Sarlon sheet vinyl for a stunning primary colour set.

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