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Weather pod, National Space Centre

Weather pod, National Space Centre

Project Challenges

Finding pure black carpet tiles and/or carpet.

Choosing the right adhesive.

Creating a starry look!

The Bradbury Flooring Solution

The first task was to go on the hunt for the purest black floor covering we could find. Our research took us in the direction of Rawson, and we soon discovered their acoustic sheet carpet, reassuringly entitled ‘Noir’. To our relief, the National Space Centre gave it the thumbs up and we were ready to move on to challenge number two; contact adhesive. Once that was found, our skilled fitters put on their Michelangelo overalls and got working.

It was an interesting challenge, to be working 2.8m above the ground in the opposite direction to how we’re used to working… but we did it. The acoustic sheet carpet adhered beautifully to the ceiling, and we were then able to cut around each light to achieve the desired night-sky-effect.

Now that it’s complete, we’d love you to go to visit the attraction when you can. And if you do, please let us know what you think!

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